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Peer-Reviewed Papers

Below is a sampling of the many peer-reviewed papers that have been published.

Title & Authors Journal & Year
Evaluation of a Multiwavelength Black Carbon (BC) Sensor
Holder, Amara, Brannon Seay, Alina Brashear, Tiffany Yelverton, Jeff Blair, and Steven Blair.
2018, 1
Source Identification and Global Implications of Black Carbon
Blanco-Donado, Erika P., Ismael L. Schneider, Paulo Artaxo, Jesus Lozano-Osorio, Luana Portz, and Marcos L.S. Oliveira.
Geoscience Frontiers, January 2021, 101149
Utilization of Scattering and Absorption-Based Particulate Matter Sensors in the Environment Impacted by Residential Wood Combustion
Kuula, Joel, Milla Friman, Aku Helin, Jarkko V. Niemi, Minna Aurela, Hilkka Timonen, and Sanna Saarikoski.
Journal of Aerosol Science 150 (December 2020): 105671
Wildland Fire Emission Sampling at Fishlake National Forest, Utah Using an Unmanned Aircraft System
Aurell, J., B. Gullett, A. Holder, F. Kiros, W. Mitchell, A. Watts, and R. Ottmar.
Atmospheric Environment, January 9, 2021, 118193
Characterization of Annual Average Traffic-Related Air Pollution Levels (Particle Number, Black Carbon, Nitrogen Dioxide, PM 2.5 , Carbon Dioxide) in the Greater Seattle Area from a Year-Long Mobile Monitoring Campaign
Blanco, Magali N., Amanda Gassett, Timothy Gould, Annie Doubleday, David L. Slager, Elena Austin, Edmund Seto, Timothy Larson, Julian Marshall, and Lianne Sheppard.
Preprint. Epidemiology, September 22, 2021
Annual, Seasonal, and Morning Rush Hour Land Use Regression Models for Black Carbon in a School Catchment Area of Milan, Italy
Boniardi, L., E. Dons, L. Campo, M. Van Poppel, L. Int Panis, and S. Fustinoni.
Environmental Research 176 (September 2019): 108520
Personal Exposure to Equivalent Black Carbon in Children in Milan, Italy: Time-Activity Patterns and Predictors by Season
Boniardi, Luca, Evi Dons, Francesca Longhi, Chiara Scuffi, Laura Campo, Martine Van Poppel, Luc Int Panis, and Silvia Fustinoni.
Environmental Pollution 274 (April 1, 2021): 116530
Feasibility Study of Portable Sampling Techniques for Combustion Related Airborne Particulates in a Platinum Mine
Geitner, V, J Orasche, G C Dragan, G Jakobi, and J Schnelle-Kreis.
2021, 11
The Kansas City Transportation and Local-Scale Air Quality Study (KC-TRAQS): Integration of Low-Cost Sensors and Reference Grade Monitoring in a Complex Metropolitan Area. Part 1: Overview of the Project
Kimbrough, Sue, Stephen Krabbe, Richard Baldauf, Timothy Barzyk, Matthew Brown, Steven Brown, Carry Croghan, et al.
Chemosensors 7, no. 2 (May 27, 2019): 26
Use of Low-Cost PM Monitors and a Multi-Wavelength Aethalometer to Characterize PM2.5 in the Yakama Nation Reservation
Stampfer, Orly, Elena Austin, Terry Ganuelas, Tremain Fiander, Edmund Seto, and Catherine J. Karr.
Atmospheric Environment 224 (March 2020): 117292