microAeth® / MA200

Tech specs

Measurement method
Real-time, 5 wavelength spectrum analysis by measuring the rate of change of transmitted light due to continuous particle deposition on filter. Measurement at 880 nm interpreted as concentration of Black Carbon (‘BC’). Measurement at 375 nm interpreted as Ultraviolet Particulate Matter (‘UVPM’) indicative of woodsmoke, tobacco, and biomass burning.
Measurement wavelengths
880 nm, 625 nm, 528 nm, 470 nm, 375 nm
DualSpot® Loading Compensation
Real-time analysis by measuring the rate of change in absorption of transmitted light due to the continuous collection of aerosol on filter. Simultaneous collection on two spots in parallel at different flow rates.
1, 5, 10, 30, 60, or 300 seconds
Flow Rates
Internal pump provides 50, 100, or 150 ml/min. DualSpot® compensation not compatible with all settings.
Pump Options
Standard internal diaphragm pump. Optional internal rotary vane pump
Flow Control
Internal mass flowmeters with closed-loop control
Filter Material
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Filter Capacity
MA200 Filter Tape Cartridge with PTFE material (15 sampling locations)
Accelerometer, Relative Humidity, Temperature, Altimeter/Barometer
L: 136.75 mm (5.38 in), W: 85 mm (3.35 in), D: 35.75 mm (1.41 in)
420 grams (14.82 ounces)
16GB internal flash memory, providing storage for 31,250,000 data lines; 1 second timebase: 361 days of data.
On-board user interface
Low Power Screen, 3 Buttons
Location services
GPS with Internal Antenna
Date/Time format
ISO 8601 with satellite synchronization
802.11b Wi-Fi with AES hardware encryption, Bluetooth Low Energy
USB 2.0, 3.3V TTL Serial, DC input via barrel jack
USB and wireless connectivity to cross-platform microAeth® Manager software available on macOS® and Windows®. microAeth Manager software is included and facilitates settings configuration, calibration routines, downloading data, and uploading new instrument firmware.
Internal 3.6V, 3200 mAh (11.52 Wh), 1 cell rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Fast charging DC via barrel jack AC adapter (~3 hours to full charge, instrument turned off) or USB charging (~6.5 hours to full charge, instrument turned off)
Power Supply Adapter
Input: 100~240 VAC 50/60Hz 0.4A, Output: 5VDC / 2A, with option for Type A, C, G, or I plug
Operating Environment
0 ~ 40 °C operating, non-condensing.
microAeth MA200, MA200 Filter Tape Cartridge (1), Barrel jack AC adapter, USB communication/charging cable, 1 meter sampling hose with swivel tube connector, Lapel clip for sampling hose. Cross-platform microAeth® Manager software, Quick Start Guide, and Manual available by download
Accessories & Consumables
MA200 Filter Tape Cartridge, MA Flow Calibration Kit, microCyclone PM2.5 Size-selective Inlet, MA200 Serial data cable
Specifications are subject to change without notice. The microAeth MA Series products are protected by patent #8,411,272. Additional patents pending. DualSpot® is a trademark of Magee Scientific Corporation used under license.