microAeth® / Family

The microAeth® family now includes the new AL30 personal exposure monitor - a lower-cost wearable instrument based on the successful AE51 Black Carbon monitor, featuring wireless data telemetry and improved performance. The MA series instruments are continuous real-time monitors with many advanced features integrated into compact, lightweight form factors.

The multi-wavelength MA series instruments continuously collect aerosol particles on a filter and measures optical absorption at 5 wavelengths spanning UV - IR at up to a 1hz data rate. The multi-wavelength measurement provides insight into the composition of light absorbing carbonaceous particles and helps to distinguish among the different optical signatures of various combustion sources such as diesel, biomass, and tobacco. The instruments support DualSpot® loading compensation method which corrects for the optical loading effect and provides additional information about aerosol optical properties.

These new devices use a miniature tape transport mechanism and easy-to-exchange filter cartridge for the automatic advance of filter tape material, enabling unattended operation from multiple weeks to a year, depending on the model and environmental factors. This feature in the MA series allows for continuous monitoring in mobile or stationary installations without human intervention or frequent site visits. The tape advance system has been designed to be extremely fast with very little sampling downtime.

The instruments feature internal lithium-ion batteries, low power operation, an internal pump with closed loop flow control, satellite time synchronization, onboard accelerometer, GPS, temperature, relative humidity, altimeter / pressure sensors, and years of data storage.

WiFi communication was released with MA Series firmware version 1.12 with data management through the AethLabs Dashboard. The USB data connection on MA Series devices provides communication with the cross-platform microAeth® Manager software available on macOS® and Windows®. A dedicated serial data port is provided for streaming data to data loggers or direct integration with other microcontroller host systems.