About AethLabs

The Team

Jeff Blair made his first air analysis instrument in high school. His practice of exploring materials, machining, and above all, making, lead him to formalize this interest with a degree in manufacturing engineering. Jeff has 15 years of experience in custom hardware and electronics development and 10 years of experience with Aethalometry as well as product and business development.

Steven Blair enjoys the process of designing and making across a wide range of media. Looking to gain a solid foundation to further his interests, he studied mechanical engineering and industrial design. Steven's work at AethLabs focuses on product development.

Erik Hopp has worked to design and apply open source web-based tools to social justice work for over 10 years. His work at AethLabs allows him to focus on data visualization, user interface design, and infrastructure for supporting sensor networks. Very much a maker, Erik hacks bikes, builds furniture, consumes modern design, renovates houses and has dreams/nightmares about the Internet of Things.

China Langford is interested in visual art and culture, art history, craft, and design, all with an emphasis on the medium of photography. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from San Jose State University in 2014. At AethLabs she enjoys providing customer support, assisting with production and assembly, and producing photographs and other website content.