microAeth® / MA200

AethLabs MA200 device at skew angle

The microAeth® MA200 is a compact, real-time, wearable 5-wavelength UV-IR Black Carbon monitor with a 17 sampling location automatic filter tape advance system which allows for up to 12 weeks of continuous measurements.

The device is a self-contained instrument with built-in pump, flow control, data storage, and battery with onboard GPS, satellite time synchronization, accelerometer, altimeter/barometer, and sensors for relative humidity and temperature. Wireless communication interfaces are under development to provide future network or mobile smart device integration.

The MA200 is designed for on-person, mobile applications and multi-day / multi-week measurement campaigns with low-power operation.

The spectrum measurement provides insight into the composition of light absorbing carbonaceous particles and helps to distinguish among the different optical signatures of various combustion sources such as diesel, woodsmoke, biomass, and tobacco.

The instrument supports the DualSpot® loading compensation method which compensate for optical loading effects and provides additional information about aerosol optical properties.

We gratefully acknowledge that the MA series development and validation was partially supported by federal grants from NIEHS (U01ES016110 & R01ES020424, PI Steve Chillrud), NIBIB (U01EB021983, PI Steve Chillrud).

The microAeth MA Series products are protected by patent #8,411,272. Additional patents pending. DualSpot® is a trademark of Magee Scientific Corporation used under license.