MAx firmware upgrade

If the device you are upgrading is not running v, please choose the appropriate firmware upgrade instructions for your device.
All steps are required and must be followed in order.
  • All data ON THE MICROAETH MAY NOT BE ACCESSIBLE AFTER UPGRADING FIRMWARE. Before upgrading the firmware on the microAeth, download and backup all data from the instrument.

Check that you have all of the following present

Update microAeth Manager to v1.6

microAeth Manager v1.6 is required. Check which version of microAeth Manager you are running by clicking the "Manage application" button in the top right corner of the open window, revealing a panel titled "Application settings" with "Info" and the application version. If microAeth Manager v1.6 is not already installed, follow these instructions for installation.

Prepare the device for the upgrade

  1. Unplug the microAeth from all external power sources.
  2. Plug in the AethLabs MA200 / MA300 / MA350 Serial Data to USB Converter Cable to the 4-pin SERIAL port of the microAeth. Plug in the USB A plug of the cable into a computer where data will be download.

Update MAx firmware to v1.13

The on-board user interface on the front of the microAeth can be used to upgrade the operating system firmware via the 4-pin serial port. Upgrading the operating system firmware of the microAeth can be accomplished by using the microAeth Manager software with the AethLabs 4-pin Serial to USB converter cable.
  1. Open microAeth Manager v1.6
  2. Click on the "Firmware updates" button on the top right of the screen
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the firmware on the device.

Check flow calibration table and set settings

  1. Check the flow calibration table by following the instructions here.
  2. Set all settings using the microAeth Manager.