Check the flow calibration table

Check that you have all of the following present

  • microAeth MA200, MA300, or MA350
  • MA200 / MA300 / MA350 Serial Data to USB Converter CableView
  • Windows PC with Tera Term installeddownload Tera Term here

Prepare Tera Term for device communication

  1. Make sure that Tera Term (download here) is installed on the PC running Windows. During the installation process, choose "Standard installation" and the default options.
  2. Unplug the microAeth from all external power sources.
  3. Plug in the AethLabs MA200 / MA300 / MA350 Serial Data to USB Converter Cable to the 4-pin SERIAL port of the microAeth. Plug in the USB A plug of the cable into a computer where data will be download.
  4. Open Tera Term for Windows on the computer.
  5. When Tera Term opens, a window with the title Tera Term: New connection will appear.
  6. Select the Serial radio button.
  7. Use the Port: dropdown menu to select the COM port that the microAeth is connected to through the AethLabs 4-pin Serial to USB converter cable.
  8. Press OK.
  9. The main window will remain and the window title will now be the COM port number.
  10. Select the Setup menu and select Serial port....
  11. In the Tera Term: Serial port setup window, change the settings to match the following:
    Baud Rate (Manually type in this value): 1000000
    Data: 8 bit
    Parity: none
    Stop: 1 bit
    Flow control: Xon/Xoff
  12. Press OK.
  13. Tera Term should now display the on-board user interface options as the 3 button interface is used by the user. More information that is hidden on the microAeth on-board screen will be displayed in the terminal emulator.

Check flow calibration table and set settings

  1. Turn on the microAeth. Press and hold only one of the three buttons for 2 seconds. The screen and instrument will turn on and the instrument serial number will be displayed.
  2. Use the left and right buttons to scroll through the top level menu options to the 'Display FlowCal Info' option.
  3. Press the center button to select the ‘Display FlowCal Info’ option.
  4. 'Sent via Serial Port' will display on the screen and the flow calibration table information will be displayed in the terminal emulator. See section Display FlowCal Info of the manual for more information.
  5. Check the flow calibration table. See section 7.3.2. Display and Check Flow Calibration Table.