MA series firmware v1.08 is available

A new version of the firmware for MA series devices (MA200, MA300, and MA350) is now available for download and adds new Flow settings, AutoSample, and Serial options in additional other optimizations, improvements, and bug fixes.

microAeth Manager v1.03 is required to make use of most of the new features released in this firmware.

Notable additions or changes for version 1.08:

  • New 75 ml/min and 125 ml/min flow setting options
  • New External control option in the AutoSample setting that allows instrument to start automatically when power is connected and to shutdown when power is removed
  • New Polled option in Serial data mode setting that provides Bayern Hessen and remote control support
  • New Serial Baud rate setting
  • New skip tape advance option
  • New Flow test menu on device UI
  • Ability to output only the Flow calibration table view new "Display FlowCal info" menu item
  • Improvements to GPS time sync functionality
  • Improvements to flow calibration procedure and output format
  • Additional power consumption optimizations

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