microAeth Manager v1.03 released

AethLabs has made available an updated version of the microAeth Manager software for both Windows and macOS which is required to make use of the new features released with the 1.08 version of the MA series firmware.

Notable additions or changes for version 1.03:

  • Support for all new features in the concurrent MAx v1.08 firmware release (including new flow setting options, new serial settings, ability to skip tape advance, a new AutoSample external control option, and new flow test and flow calibration table output features)
  • Harmonization of data headers for Serial Verbose data output and CSV output formats
  • Human readable status codes are now output in last column of CSV output
  • Columns in CSV file output that displayed as “undefined” when in SingleSpot mode have been removed
  • Manage data window now displays number of data points stored on device
  • Additional bug fixes, language clarification, and UI improvements

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