microAeth Manager v1.02 released

AethLabs has made available an updated version of the microAeth Manager software for both Windows and macOS which is required to make use of the new DualSpot® loading compensation released with the 1.07 version of the MA series firmware.

Notable additions or changes for version 1.02:

  • DualSpot® loading compensation release - toggle between SingleSpot™ and DualSpot®
  • Check for available software updates of application added to Application Info window
  • Data export file headers updated
  • Data export file formatting of Optical config column data
  • Data export file GPS speed fixed
  • Data export file bug fixes
  • Data export file App version column added
  • User interface improvements
  • Toggle to display time in application in 24 hour format
  • Time Options window improvements
  • GPS time synchronization option added
  • Application time synchronization added
  • Visual indicator in Vital Signs menu of whether GPS satellite sync is on
  • Other bug fixes

Upgrade your device firmware and microAeth Manager here

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