MA series firmware v1.07 is available

A new version of the firmware for MA series devices (MA200, MA300, and MA350) is now available for download. Upgrading to this version allows for the use of the DualSpot® loading compensation method which corrects for the optical loading effect and provides additional information about aerosol optical properties.

microAeth Manager v1.02 is required for MA series instruments running MA series firmware v1.07. The MA Series Flow Calibration Kit is required for the upgrade to firmware v1.07.

Notable additions or changes for version 1.07:

  • DualSpot® loading compensation beta release
  • Improved flow measurement and flow calibration
  • Improved optical calibration
  • Exposed optical calibration menu
  • On-board user interface improvements
  • On-board LCD messaging updates and improvements
  • Tape advance system improvements
  • Real time clock timestamp bug fix
  • Manual time synchronization
  • GPS speed now calculated
  • Additional system checks before starting measurements
  • Other bug fixes

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