MA series firmware v1.13 upgrade is available

Version 1.13 of MA series firmware is available to upgrade your MA200, MA300, and MA350 devices. This update improves WiFi reliability and fixes a bug in the auto start settings.

The previous firmware release, v1.12, added source apportionment calculations and data, smoothed output for UV, Blue and IR channels, and WiFi capabilities to wirelessly transmit data to AethLabs' servers to retrieve via our dashboard or API.

Other features firmware and client application includes:

  • Optimized, faster flow calibration routine with improved pump compatibility
  • LCD display has new information on top-line of the screen, displays attenuation, tape advance trigger attenuation and tape position as well as date and time
  • New 170mlpm flow setting for compatibility with microCyclone 170
  • New tape replacement workflow with tape position tracking
  • Fix BAD DATA IDs error
  • Fix missing altimeter data when operating on battery power
  • Improved communications with external Alicat flowmeters
  • Fixed erroneous tape jam messages during tape advance
  • Allow 0 flow rate setting
  • Ability to access database data without instrument being connected to microAeth Manager
  • Updates to the data output columns
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, speed, stability, and user interface improvements

Download microAeth Manager and MAx firmware

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