AE51 software release notes

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Current version: Improvements in microAethCOM v2.2.4.0:

  • Supports FTDI USB driver v2.12.00 and v2.10.00. Some computers with Windows Automatic Update configured may have previously downloaded the v2.12.00 driver which was not compatible with previous versions of microAethCOM. USB driver v2.10.00 is installed with this package.
  • Includes updated flow calibration software: AE51 FlowCal v2.1.7.0 which supports both FTDI USB Driver v2.12.00 and v2.10.00

Improvements to previous versions of the included software are listed below for reference.

Improvements in microAethCOM v2.2.3.0:

  • Includes AE51 firmware PS709
  • Includes optimizations to work with AE51 firmware PS709

Improvements in firmware version PS709

  • Provides battery remaining to microAethCOM at instrument startup
  • Improved flow measurement and flow calibration

Improvements in microAethCOM v2.2.2.0:

  • Additional improvements for remaining battery display in main screen. Instrument may wait until first timebase to display updated battery % when first started
  • New Metadata format in file header
  • Updated USB driver version 2.10.00
  • Further improvement to USB detection

AE51 FlowCal v2.1.6.0 is included and has been released to add date, time and serial number to the header of calibration file.

Improvements in microAethCOM v2.1.1.0

  • Improved support for Windows 8.0
  • Bug fixes for USB communications in Windows 8
  • Updated USB driver for use in Windows 8

Improvements in microAethCOM v2.1.0.1

microAethCOM screenshot
  • Support for microAeth Model AE51 firmware PS706 (see improvements in PS706 below). AethLabs recommends updating your instrument firmware to PS706 for new features and improved performance.
  • Data files can now be downloaded in either .DAT or .CSV filetypes to a disk location of the user's choosing.
  • Instrument status codes are now displayed in bottom left hand corner of the main screen in human readable text if detected.
  • Improved USB communications when used in conjunction with firmware PS706. Instrument startup and shutdown are detected in the microAethCOM console when used with firmware PS706.
  • User interface has been simplified with instrument information shown on main page along with real-time graph.
  • Data log is automatically deleted when an instrument is disconnected.
  • Auto startup and shutdown options are no longer included in the microAethCOM application.

Improvements in firmware version PS706

  • Simple shutdown mode. Hold the power button for three seconds to shut the instrument down. Secure shutdown mode is the timed sequence shutdown that uses multiple button presses to 'encode' the shutdown process. USB only mode can be used to lock the instrument from being shutdown.
  • Improved USB communications in conjunction with PC software v2.1.0.1.
  • Added 10s and 30s timebases.
  • Improved measurement stability and sensitivity and flow control stability.
  • Reintroduced the 200 ml/min flow rate setting
  • Fixed flash full bug that causes instrument to not startup when memory is full.
  • Improved flow calibration. Better measurement stability during the flow calibration process especially for the 25 ml/min datapoint. (Requires updated flow calibration software included with this install package.)
  • Firmware PS706 can be installed on the AE51 once the microAethCOM v2.1 application is installed - just go to the 'Options' menu and select Upgrade Firmware. If you have an older microAeth AE51 that was manufactured by Magee Scientific with a serial number below 200, please contact AethLabs before attempting the upgrade process.