microAeth® / MA300

All microAeth MA series instruments come with all hardware installed to support all features. Features that are not yet available, will become available through free firmware and microAeth Manager desktop client app updates that can be downloaded through the AethLabs website and implemented by customers, AethLabs or authorized service providers.


Completed & Released Quarter 1 2018 Quarter 2 2018 Quarter 3 2018
Power optimization (extended battery runtime)
Automatic volumetric flow control of internal pump
DualSpot® Loading Compensation
DualSpot® or SingleSpot mode selectable
Optical absorption measurement at 5 Wavelengths: 880, 625, 528, 470, 375 nm
Timebases: 1, 5, 10, 30, 60, or 300 seconds
Automatic tape advance
Automatic mass flow control of internal pump
Internal pump flow rates: 50, 100, or 150 ml/min
Automatic flow calibration with required microAeth MA Series Flow Calibration Kit
Diaphragm pump (Standard)
Battery operation (internal lithium-ion battery)
Relative humidity sensor
Temperature sensor
Altimeter / Barometer sensor
On-board user interface
GPS with internal antenna
Date/Time ISO 8601 satellite synchronization
Local timezone storage
3.3V TTL Serial Communication / Streaming data
USB 2.0 Communication / Data via microAeth Manager desktop client app
microAeth Manager macOS® client app
microAeth Manager Windows® client app
Fast charging DC input via barrel jack AC adapter
USB charging
Automatic sampling restart on power failure
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Patents pending. DualSpot® is used under license from Magee Scientific Corporation.